ADAPT Program -- Accent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought


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The Seeing Myself booklet was put together to use with the Honors students who were entering the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It was distributed as part an address to them during their campus orientation. It introduces them to four different ways of thinking about themselves as scholars: a Myers-Briggs way, a Jean Piaget way, a William Perry way, and a Erik Erikson way.


There are many ways to see myself.
In this booklet I can begin to consider four different views of myself as
a personal scholar,
a reasoning scholar,
a knowledgeable scholar and
an autonomous scholar.

To be human is to be alive, to grow, to change.

As I grow, mature and develop, I build an ever more complex understanding of myself and my relationship to the world. My understanding is shaped by my parents and my friends, by my personal experiences and by my mental struggles to make sense of it all.

Having a sense of wonder is my beginning of wisdom.
Having my own wonderful ideas is my birth as a scholar.

On the next four pages are discussions of four different mirrors I can use to look at myself ...