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Afanasiev, Mitrofan M. (1937) Comparative physiology of Actinomyces in relation to potato scab (Research Bulletin: Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska No. 92)


ISSN 0097-1423


The present work was undertaken with the purpose of investigating the physiology of different strains of A. scabies as compared with saprophytic Actinomyces. By a comparative study of these groups, it was thought that differences in the physiology of the two might be found which would give a better understanding of the nature of this parasitism and also of the metabolism of Actinomyces in general. In addition, it was hoped that the determination of the factors influencing the parasitism of Actinomyces might establish a basis for the development of more efficient methods of controlling scab diseases. The present investigation is composed of the following phases: (1) a study of the pathogenicity of A. scabies, (2) the behavior of Actinomyces on different sources of carbon and nitrogen, (3) the effect of different carbon:nitrogen ratios on the development of Actinomyces, and (4) a study of the production of soluble pigments by Actinomyces on a tyrosine medium.