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Business in Nebraska vol. 55, no. 648


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Rural communities are not barred from the knowledge economy. Recent survey data suggest that firms in rural communities can locate the resources they need to survive. Critical needs, such as communication with private industry leaders, can be filled even if they are not available in the area. Unfortunately, survey data also indicated that resources provided by governmental institutions are not meeting the needs of high-technology businesses.

Recently, surveys were sent to 300 high-technology firms in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. High-tech industries are defined according to the required skill level for employees. The surveys were subdivided into three groups of 100, based on county classifications. The county classifications are metro counties, rural counties adjacent to metro areas, and nonadjacent rural counties (Figure 1).

Net Taxable Retail Sales for Nebraska Counties

Regional Montano Wage and Salary Employment*1998 to January** 2000

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