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Published in Business in Nebraska (1967) No. 274: 6 pages.


The Distribution of Personal Income in Nebraska (Edward L. Hauswald)

Personal Income received in the Nebraska economy rose from $3.8 billion in 1965 to 4.1 billion in 1966, for a 7.0 percent increase (see Table I and Figure 1). In the National economy the increase was 8.2 percent; in the Plains economy, 7.5 percent. The results: (1) The upward movement of PI in Nebraska in 1965 from 1964, which had been greater than that in the Nation but slightly under that in the Plains, was not sustained; hence, Nebraska's share of both the National and Plain's PI flow dropped after last year's gain. (2) Nebraska's share of the Plain's PI flow has now dropped for two years and for three of the past four years.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

Nebraska's dollar volume of business in April decreased 3.5% from April, 1966 while physical volume increased 1.3%. Comparable figures for the U.S. were +4.5% for dollar volume and +4.1% for physical volume. Nebraska's dollar volume (-6.2%) and physical volume (-2.9%) both declined from March, 1967. Nebraska had increases from a year ago exceeding the U.S. averages in three areas: retail sales (+6.2%), manufacturing employment (+7.5%) and gasoline sales (+5.6%). construction activity (-31.1%) and newspaper advertising (-1.6%) were the only Nebraska indicators declining from year-ago sales.