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PREMIS-lite name  PREMIS Semantic Unit  Definition Rationale  Data constraint  Parent 
Checksum Type: messageDigestAlgorithm   The specific algorithm used to construct the message digest for the digital object.  Needed to understand the digest value.  Controlled Vocabulary  fixity 
File Checksum:  messageDigest   The output of the message digest algorithm. This must be stored so that it can be compared in future fixity checks.  None   fixity  
Checksum Generator:  messageDigestOriginator   The agent that created the original message digest that is compared in a fixity check.  Used to validate authenticity of message digests.   None   fixity  
File Size:  size   The size in bytes of the file or bitstream stored in the repository.  Size is useful for ensuring the correct number of bytes from storage have been retrieved and that an application has enough room to move or process files. It might also be used when billing for storage.  Non-negative integer   objectCharacteristics  
File Format Name:  formatName   A designation of the format of the file or bitstream. Needed to identify format by name.   Controlled Vocabulary   formatDesignation  
Format Version:  fomatVersion   The version of the format named in formatName.  Needed to specify version of the format type.   None formatDesignation  
Format Registry Name:  formatRegistryName   A designation identifying the referenced format registry.  Needed to reference the registry by name, URI, etc.   None   formatRegistry  
Format Registry Identifer:  formatRegistryKey   The unique key used to reference an entry for this format in a format registry.  Needed to uniquely cite the entry in the register.   None   formatRegistry  
Filename:  originalName   The name of the object as submitted to or harvested by the repository, before any renaming by the repository.  Used to relate a submitted object and to a derivative object held by the repository.   None   Object Entity  
File Location:  contentLocationValue   The reference to the location of the content used by the storage system.  Neede to know where the item is located. None   contentLocation  
Storage Medium:  storageMedium   The physical medium on which the object is stored (e.g., magnetic tape, hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD).   The repository needs to know the medium on which an object is stored in order to know how and when to do media refreshment and media migration.  None storage  

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