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April 13, 2010 in The China Beat


Copyright April 13, 2010 Timothy B. Weston. Used by permission.


For several years now there has been a close connection between China Beat and China beyond the Headlines. The latter, a series of essay collections edited by myself and Lionel M. Jensen, is designed for a general and classroom audience (Volume One was published in 2000; Volume Two, China’s Transformations, was released in 2007). In addition to some common players who have been involved with both, such as Geremie Barmé, Tim Cheek, Tim Oakes, Jeff Wasserstrom and myself, China Beat and China beyond the Headlines are fortunate to share Susan McEachern of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers as an editor. Each of these ongoing projects strives to create a space for discussion of China that falls between the purely academic and the purely journalistic. Both are committed to accessible and open-ended discussion and to a plurality of subjects and sensibilities. Both are informed by the belief that there’s a strong need for robust, open-minded, and self-reflexive public intellectualism with regard to contemporary China and its rapidly evolving place in the world. Given these close connections and parallel goals, it is fitting to announce an upcoming public outreach workshop that will take place at the University of Colorado this coming weekend.

This event will serve as the basis for a third edition of China beyond the Headlines, which will be published in 2011.

Workshop Schedule:

Panel discussion #1: “China In the Headlines”

Friday, April 16, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, CU Boulder campus, Humanities 250

Timothy Cheek, University of British Columbia: intellectuals & intellectual life

Alex Wang, Natural Resources Defense Council: environmental issues

Zheng Liang, University of Colorado: ethnic relations in Xinjiang

David Bandurski, University of Hong Kong: investigative journalism

Timothy Weston, University of Colorado: urbanization in China