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The origin of this longitudinal study on (re-) integration comes out of the Chab Dai coalition. Over the past 10 plus years both within the Chab Dai coalition and in the greater Cambodian context there have been a number of aftercare facilities that have developed as a response to the issue of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Amongst the aftercare facilities there has been a growing desire to find out what becomes of these children in the long term after leaving the shelters. In addition, although some aftercare facilities have carefully followed up participants, others have had fewer resources to do so. One of Chab Dai’s objectives is to carry out specific research studies in order strengthen recommendations at both program, and advocacy levels. This research in part comes out of this mandate. The Butterfly Research project will be a descriptive longitudinal design and it will use mixed methods from the outset. This research will prospectively follow child and adult survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking over a number of years, starting from the time they are in aftercare programs. The purpose is to ‘hear’ from survivors about their lives, understandings, and experiences so that their voices will contribute towards a greater understanding of the complexities of (re-) integration. It is hoped information about what effects and impacts these programs have had in the lives of these children and adults as they experience the (re-) integration process will be better understood from their perspective. It is hoped this information will be useful to program implementers, advocates, donors, policy makers and a more informed public about the issues surrounding sexual exploitation, trafficking and (re-) integration.

1. What is the background and rationale for this project?
2. What are the Goals and Objectives of the project?
3. How is the Butterfly research project being designed?
4. Phase 1: Preliminary Questionnaire Design
5. Phase 1: Preliminary Survey findings
6. What was the Focus Groups Discussion Methodology?
7. What were the Focus Group Discussion Findings?
8. What are the limitations and lessons learned from Phase 1?
9. What is our ethical strategy?
10. What have been the challenges for organizations involved?
11. How was the research presented to stakeholders?
12. Where do we go from here? Moving Forward References
Appendix 1: Profiles
Appendix 2: Focus Group Discussion process
Appendix 3: Research presentation
Appendix 4: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
Appendix 5: Phase 2 Draft Survey Questionnaires
Appendix 6: Who are our donors?
Appendix 7: Who are our research people and Internet resources?