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May 2001



The Northeast Wildlife Damage Management Research and Outreach Cooperative by Paul Curtis, Cornell University and Gary San Julian, Penn State University, Co-Directors

Bats in the Attic

Review of Current Literature
Excerpted by Kristi Sullivan, Wildlife Communication Specialist Castelli, P.M. and S.E. Sleggs.

Wildlife Damage Management Fact Sheet Series (2001) by Paul Curtis and Kristi Sullivan

Managing Nuisance Beavers Along Roadsides (2000) by Paul Jensen, Paul Curtis and D. Hamelin

Managing White-tailed Deer in Suburban Environments: a Technical Guide (2000) by Anthony DeNicola, Kurt VerCauteren, Paul Curtis, and Scott Hygnstrom

Managing Canada Geese in Urban Environments (1999): a Technical Guide by Arthur Smith, Scott Craven, and Paul Curtis

Suburban Goose Management: Searching for Balance (1998)

Satellite Videoconference: Deer in Rural Woodlands

Reader’s Quest: Should I feed deer in the winter?

Wildlife Diseases Symposium

Urban Wildlife Management Conference: How to Balance the Needs of People and Wildlife in Urban and Urbanizing Landscapes