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Published by the National Invasive Species Council (2001) 80 pp.


Farmers, ranchers, scientists, State officials, and many others have urged the Federal Government to consider invasive species issues a priority and to develop a coordinated national effort to address the problem. In response, the President issued Executive Order 13112 on Invasive Species (Order) in February 1999. The Order established the National Invasive Species Council (Council), co-chaired by the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, and the Interior; and includes the Secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, and Transportation, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Order directs the Council to form a non-Federal Invasive Species Advisory Committee (ISAC) to advise the Council in its work. The Council (specifically, the eight department members) is to: provide national leadership on invasive species; see that their Federal efforts are coordinated and effective; promote action at local, State, tribal and ecosystem levels; identify recommendations for international cooperation; facilitate a coordinated network to document and monitor invasive species; develop a web-based information network; provide guidance on invasive species for Federal agencies to use in implementing the National Environmental Policy Act; and prepare the Plan – this document.

This Plan presents nine interrelated and equally important areas that the Council considers priorities in addressing invasive species problems.