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Published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (2000) 150 pp.


The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Columbia Fishery Resources Office and Region 6 Aquatic Nuisance Species Coordinator co-hosted an Asian Carp Workshop in St. Louis, Missouri on April 19-20, 2000 to initiate the process of gathering input for the development of a Mississippi River Basin Asian Carp Management and Control Plan. The goal of the workshop was to review status, distribution, biology; ecological and economic benefits and impacts of four Asian carp species and identify management and control alternatives to reduce or mitigate these impacts.

Fifty-eight participants from state and federal natural resources agencies, universities and research facilities along with aquaculturists and their trade association representatives met to review current information and formulate management and control alternatives for grass, bighead, silver and black carp species. Three of these exotic species have escaped and/or been stocked in the Mississippi River basin. They have become naturalized in many basin rivers and streams and have rapidly expanded their range while producing adverse impacts to many native aquatic species and their habitats through competition and displacement. The fourth species, black carp, is believed to be currently confined to culture facilities, but poses a major threat to already endangered freshwater molluscs and big river ecosystems should they escape or be accidentally introduced.

Workshop participants reviewed current status and biological information on target species and identified economic and environmental impacts and benefits of each species in facilitated breakout sessions. Additional sessions identified alternatives for reducing impacts and optimizing benefits through preventing spread, detection and monitoring and controlling populations. These proceedings will serve as the basis for development of a Mississippi River Basin Management and Control Plan.