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Published by Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 103 Miller Hall, Lincoln NE 68583-0711


New and Changing Faces: Robert Kill, Chris Wiley, and Chris Dietrich

Publications: special issue on Adaptive Management for Natural Resources in Journal of Environment Management

Research Highlight: Estimating river otter density using non-invasive genetic techniques

Graduate Student News: Sarah Rehme, Ryan Lueckenhoff, Alexis Maple, Michelle Hellman, Ryan Lueckenhoff, Jessica Laskowski

Teaching: Craig Allen, Kevin Pope, Mark Pegg

Outreach Activities: Karie Decker, Nebraska Outdoor Radio, Carla Knight

Training: Stage II Inspection and Decontamination, Creel Survey Workshop

Sam Wilson, “Mountain Lions in Nebraska”
Midwest Fisheries Student Colloquium in Brookings, SD
Great Plains Fishery Workers Conference in Sidney, NE
American Fisheries Society Meeting February 15-16 in Gretna, NE
USFWS Region 5 Biologist Conference in Baltimore, MD
The Wildlife Society Meeting in Hastings, NE
Missouri River Natural Resource Committee Conference
Cooper’s Ornithological Society/Association of Field Ornithologists/Wilson’s Ornithological Society meeting March 9-11 in Kearney, NE
Waterbird Society meeting in Grand Island, NE
Resilience Alliance Young Scholars 2011 Workshop
Resilience 2011 Conference, Tempe, AZ, March 12, 2011.
Fremont Rural Living Expo in Fremont, NE.