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Published by Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 103 Miller Hall, Lincoln NE 68583-0711


Teaching and Training

New Faces (Chris Kelly; Justin Williams; Christopher Lewis; Dustin Martin)

Congratulations! (Donald Wardwell; Christopher Lewis; Aaron Lotz)

The Changing Faces of USGS

Current Research

Amphibian Monitoring Techniques (in Relation

to Wetland Qualities and the Surrounding

Landscape – Rainwater Basin Region)

Cross-Scale Structure in Ecosystems

An Adaptive Management Approach for Selecting

Habitat Improvement Targets in the Shortgrass

Prairie Ecosystem

Diversity and Ecological Functions

Impact of White Perch on Walleye; and

Predators of White Perch at Branched Oak and

Pawnee Reservoirs

Evaluation of Landowner Incentives Program

(LIP) for Species at Risk

Monitoring, Mapping and Risk Assessment for

Non-Indigenous Invasive Species in Nebraska

Recruitment of Walleye and White Bass in

Nebraska’s Southwest Irrigation Reservoirs

River Otter Home Range and Habitats Use Pilot


Graduate Students (Elizabeth (Beth) Forbus; Nathan (Nate) Gosch; Christopher (Chris) Lewis; Aaron Lotz; Dustin Martin; Thaddeus (Thad) Miller; Kristine Nemec; Lindsey Reinarz; Donald (Don) Wardwell; Justin Williams; Sam Wilson)


Conferences, Meetings,


Research Cont'd

Spatial Risk Assessment of Invasive Species

Impacts on Native Species in Nebraska

Understanding Invasions and Extinctions