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Whooping Crane Report, from Nebraska Bird Review (September 1989) 57(3): 82-83.


Copyright 1989, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


WHOOPING CRANE REPORT The Grand Island office of the Fish and Wildlife Service reported 12 confirmed (2 of the same birds), 6 probable, and 9 unconfirmed sightings of Whooping Cranes in Nebraska in the spring of 1989. There were only 23 confirmed sightings in the U.S. Confirmed sightings are:

One adult, Hall Co., 24 March-14 April, on the Platte River, 2.5 mi. w. of Wood River bridge T9N, R12W, S23.

Two adults, Phelps Co., 5-7 April, Sacraments-Wilcox WMA, 2.5 mi. w. of Wilcox, T5N, R17W, 528, NE 1/4, S21, 34.

Two adults, Loup Co. 9-12 April, North Loup River, .5 mi. w. and .25 mi. n. of Almeria, T22N, R19W, 532,33. Same birds just reported above.

Four adults, Harlan Co., 6-7 April, 2.5 mi. n. of Republican City, T2N, R17W, S15 NE 1/4, SE 1/4.

Two adults and a young, Howard Co., 8-11 April, 1 mi. s. of Dannebrog, Middle Loup River. T13N, R11W, S14, 22.

Four adults, Valley Co., 11-18 April, 3 mi. n. and .5 e. of North Loup, North Loup River, T18N, R13W, S11, 12.,

One Adult, Buffalo Co., 16-17 April, 3 mi. w. of N10 bridge, Platte River., T8N, R15W, 516, SE 1/4.

Four adults, Custer Co., 16-17 April, 2 mi. n. and 6 w. of Merna, T18N, R22W, 520, SE 1/4.

Two adults, Buffalo Co., 24 April, 3 mi. n., 1 e., and .5 n. of Riverdale, Tl0N, R16W, S17, SE 1/4

Four adults, Sheridan Co., 27 April-l May, 23 mi. n. and.5 w. of Ellsworth on N27, T28N, R42W, 527, NW 1/4.