SciComm - Effective Science Communication


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Presented at SciComm 2016, Lincoln, Nebraska, September 24, 2016.


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In the next few minutes I want to focus your attention on the T and E of STEM. Take a few seconds and think about what in this room is either not engineering and tech itself or does not have any interface with engineering and tech.

So engineering is ubiquitous, how do we teach this across society particularly P12 and how do we create the pipeline?

The Engineering Ambassadors Network is a nationwide network of colleges and universities designed to change the conversation on engineering.

EAN’s mission is two‐fold: to develop engineering leaders as well as impact P‐12 engineering education.

EAN members have a passion for connecting P‐12 students to engineering using creative presentations and activities.

Presentations are based on engineering applications to generate student interest.

Engineering ambassadors are helping to demystify engineering and reinforce engineering habits of mind among P‐12 students.

In the 2015‐2016 academic year, we reached over 5400 students.

A pilot project has begun to evaluate the impact of EAN on P‐12 students.

Together, we can change the conversation the P‐12 community is having about engineering.