U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska


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Environ. Entomol. 27(2): 344-354 (1998)


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We developed a computer model for simulating the population dynamics of the almond moth, Cadra cautella (Walker). The model incorporates previously published life history data for the almond moth developing on stored peanuts, Arachis hypogaea L., including stage-specific immature developmental time and survival and adult longevity and fecundity. The model was modified so that it also could be used to simulate almond moth population dynamics on stored, dried citrus pulp and stored corn (Zea mays L.). We tested the validity of the model by using 4 previously published data sets. The model was useful for interpreting population dynamics observed in the previously published studies and will be useful for optimizing management strategies for the almond moth.