4-H Youth Development



M. L. Mumgaard

Date of this Version



You are about to participate in a 4-H project for members who have taken first-year electrification. During the year you will be expected to do the following: (1) Become acquainted with the principles of good lighting, and how to apply them. (2) Become acquainted with the various methods of lighting. (3) Select some room in your home or farm buildings that needs some improvement for good lighting and make at least one needed improvement. (4) Make or remodel a light unit for indoor or outdoor use. This unit may be a portable light, a study center, a light fixture, or some other familiar article. It may be something that will satisfy the previous requirements.

The purpose of this manual is to help you with your project by providing basic information about good lighting. It will not be necessarily answer all your questions about lighting. For further information talk to your electrical dealer, power supplier, and county agent. They will have material and bulletins to use with the information in this manual.