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Criterion 1 - Mission -- As Nebraska's only public, research-intensive, land-grant research university, UNL’s mission – to teach, do research and serve Nebraskans – is reflected in its academic programs, student support services, and enrollment profile. The mission is publicly shared through the UNL website; public presentations; the annual UNL Fact Book; wide-ranging communications with varied constituencies; publications and news stories from University Communications; education programs offered through the county extension offices; and individual mission statements, values statements, and/or statements of purpose contained in the bylaws, websites and documents of the university’s nine colleges and related support offices.

Criterion 2 - Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct -- UNL’s mission is guided by state and federal laws, as well as the NU Board of Regents’ policies and bylaws. Sources of extensive and easily accessible information about programs, academic requirements, faculty and staff, costs to students and accreditation relationships include, among others: UNL’s website; news and information from University Communications; an online data index; the UNL Fact Book; online undergraduate and graduate bulletins and a myriad of information provided by all UNL units.

Criterion 3 - Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support -- UNL provides high quality education, wherever and however its offerings are delivered. It offers 137 undergraduate majors, 70 master’s majors, 48 doctoral majors, 7 professional degrees, 32 certificates and 8 supplemental endorsements in over 165 fields. Courses and program requirements reflect appropriate levels of student performance and are reviewed every 7 years to ensure they are relevant, high quality and consistent with the mission.

Criterion 4 - Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement -- UNL has invested in developing authentic assessment and data collection processes for improved retention, persistence, time to degree and student learning.

Criterion 5 - Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness -- UNL makes the most of its fiscal, human, physical and information technology resources to ensure consistent progress toward its overall goals. The necessary infrastructure is in place, including resource and budget monitoring processes, and UNL has recently invested over $32 million in the renovation of classrooms, laboratories, student support service centers and learning resource centers.

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