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Published by Department of Agricultural Economics, Report No. 142, July 1985. The website address is:

The authors express their appreciation to the survey reporters for their participation in completing and returning the Nebraska farm real estate market survey questionnaire. Without their efforts and interest, the availability and publication of the data within this report would not be possible. Special thanks is also extended to the Federal land Bank of Omaha for providing the farmland sales data for Nebraska.


The market for farm real estate is complex and ever-changing. In addition to the uniqueness for each parcel of land, countless factors influence the nature of market participation between buyers and sellers, negotiated selling price, means of financing purchases, rate of ownership transfers, etc. Also, in the current economic environment these dynamic elements are even more pronounced.

The implications of these current trends are substantial. The level of returns to agricultural assets, the distribution of wealth and land ownership, the degree of farm financial stress and even economic survival -- all are woven into the market fabric for agricultural land.

This report attempts to provide a factual summary of the agricultural land market in Nebraska. It represents the eighth in an annual series of reports focusing on the Nebraska farm real estate market situation. Findings of the 1985 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Survey are presented and compared with findings of previous surveys. Other information provided in this report includes various series released by the U.S.Department of Agriculture and statistics provided by the Federal Land Bank of Omaha.