Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication Department



Date of this Version

September 1996


Produced by the Department of Agricultural, Leadership Education, and Communication, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


The Department of AgLEC is committed to a strong program of research and scholarly activity, which is complementary to its programs of teaching and outreach. In recognition of this programmatic initiative, as a part of the 1995•1999 strategic planning process, the department created and empowered a separate faculty committee to be exclusively concerned with research and scholarly activity. The Research & Scholarly Activity (R&SA) Committee (which consists of both departmental faculty and members external to the department) assumed duties previously included in the mandates of the departmental Graduate Committee. This action reflected special faculty concern regarding the status of research and scholarly activity in the unit and a commitment to increased attention and productivity.

The purpose of the R&SA Committee is to assist the AgLEC faculty in producing a quality and quantity of research and scholarly activity consistent with its role ill a major research university. In the future, the faculty may find it useful to provide some sort of qualitative assessment of individual research and scholarship efforts similar to assessment done in the department teaching improvement process. Given that the formal R&SA peer review process is relatively new, the faculty has chosen to limit the committee’s commentary to content feedback to proposals submitted by individual faculty members. The committee will make an annual report to the department head as to the extent to which individual faculty members have proposed and produced research and scholarly activity as defined in the committee procedures. The department head will utilize this report when considering the matter of merit pay or other allocations of rewards or assignments.