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Published in Plant Breeding 124, 334—337 (2005).


A growing interest exists in using wheat for producing both hard and soft wheat products. It would be desirable if 1RS translocations in hard wheat could produce flour suitable for soft wheat products. The objective of this study was to test the effects of centric translocations of chromosome 1 from different rye sources for end-use quality. The quality influences of the 1RS and 1RL translocations and 1R substitutions from different rye sources were studied in a set of hard spring wheat ‘Pavon 76’ (CIMMYT) lines in three environments in Georgia. The protein concentration of the 1RL translocations was the highest while the 1RS translocations showed no difference in protein concentration compared with that of controls. The 1RS translocations increased alkaline water retention capacity while the 1RL translocations reduced it. T1DS∙1RL was preferred for soft wheat products over other genotypes.