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Published in CROP SCIENCE 45 (June 2005), pp.1675 - 1678. Used by permission.


Forty-nine white-flowered sweetclover (Melilotus alba Medik.) genetic stocks [N30-N45 (Reg. GS-1–16, PI 549120–549135); N46-N53 (Reg. GS-17–24, PI 557503–PI 557510); N54-N55 (Reg. GS-25–Reg. GS-26, PI 629289–PI 629290); N741, N743, N745, N747 (Reg. GS-27–GS-30, PI 557511–PI 557514); U362, U363, U367 (Reg. GS-31, Reg. GS-32, Reg. GS-33, PI 557515–PI 557517); U369-U374 (Reg. GS-34–GS 39, PI 557518–PI 557523); U389-U394 (Reg. GS-40–GS 45, PI 557524–PI 557529); U396- U398 (Reg. GS-46–GS 48, PI 557530–PI 557532); U500 (Reg. GS-49, PI 557533)] (Table 1); and N56 (Reg. no. GS-50, PI 634019), a yellow-flowered sweetclover [Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam.] genetic stock, were developed jointly by USDA- ARS and the Agricultural Research Division, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and were jointly released in May 2004. The genetic stocks, which contain unique combinations of genes and traits, were developed over more than three decades of cooperative sweet- clover genetic research.