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Published in Crop Science (May-June 1990) 30: 758-759.


NP29 sudangrass [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] [formerly S. sudanense (Piper) Staph] (Reg. no. GP-237, PI 535773) was developed cooperatively by the USDA-ARS and the Nebraska Agricultural Research Division and was released in April 1989. Germplasm sources involved in the synthesis of this population included 10 low-dhurrin sudangrass populations, seven of which contained the ms3 gene for genetic male-sterility. Included were NP23(2); NP25(3); NP32(4); three experimental populations that were composited to make up NP31(4); an unreleased population; and three populations representing Cycle 0, Cycle I, and Cycle 2 from an earlier selection experiment to improve tolerance to early spring seeding in which 1569 low-dhurrin B- and R-lines were composited to make up the source population.