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Published in Crop Scienec (January-February 1986) 26: 212-213.


NP23 and NP24 sudangrass [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] (Reg. no. GP-178 and GP-179) populations, developed cooperatively by USDA-ARS and the Nebraska Agricultural Research Division, were released in April 1984. NP23 and NP24 were derived from 'Greenleaf by selection for lower and higher dhurrin content, respectively. Both populations resemble Greenleaf in general appearance with sweet, juicy culms (dull or green midribs), dark green color, late maturity, excellent leafiness and disease resistance, and both tan and purple plant color. Glume colors include black, mahogany, and sienna; pericarp color is brown. Glumes become detached from some of the seeds during threshing. In Al cytoplasm, NP23 and NP24 are restorers. NP23 and NP24 should be of value in studies comparing strains of sudangrass derived from the same germplasm source but differing primarily in dhurrin content. NP23 also has potential value for use in breeding sudangrasses with lower dhurrin content and in the production of low-dhurrin sorghum-sudangrass hybrids.