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2003 Annual Report to the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation on grant “Yield potential and optimal soil productivity in irrigated corn systems of the north-central USA”


The UNL research program on Ecological intensification of irrigated maize-based cropping systems aims to (i) improve understanding of the yield potential of corn and soybean and how it is affected by management, (ii) develop a scientific basis for evaluating yield potential at different locations, (iii) develop practical technologies for managing intensive cropping systems at 70-80% of the yield potential, and (iv) conduct integrated assessment of productivity, profitability, input use efficiency, soil carbon sequestration, energy and carbon budgets, and trace gas emissions. Results of this work have been reported earlier (Arkebauer et al., 2001; Dobermann et al., 2002). In this paper we discuss examples of progress made in 2002, focusing on obtaining additional data sets from high-yield environments and on using crop simulation modeling for understanding yield potential.