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US Army Corps of Engineers, Volume II, ERDC/CERL SR-04-35


Military training can often be destructive to the environment. Environmental impacts associated with heavy training include soil compaction, soil erosion, siltation of waterways and wetlands, increased threat of flooding, loss of wildlife habitat, declining biodiversity, and invasion by noxious weeds. Planning and implementing land rehabilitation projects generally involves some soil movement, establishment of vegetation, stabilization and hardening of sites, etc. Procurement of appropriate heavy equipment and other specialized equipment is sometimes a difficult task that involves obtaining multiple vendors, especially when procuring equipment for rental, lease, or purchase. This report and associated database were created to help land managers easily identify and obtain potential vendors for the equipment needed for land rehabilitation projects. This report includes a comprehensive and up-to-date list of heavy equipment vendors within the United States, primarily for rental or leasing purposes, which includes vendors of construction, agriculture, and other equipment needed for erosion control, and land rehabilitation and maintenance. Volume I of this report lists vendors located within 100 miles of Army installations, and National vendors. Volume II lists all vendors state-bystate.