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Published in Agron. J. 80:548-549 (1988). Copyright © 1988 American Society of Agronomy. Used by permission.


In descriptive studies of seedling root morphology a seedling root system must be clearly visible to develop clear photographs. A technique for photographing grass seedling root systems has been developed for morphological-developmental studies. Seedlings were carefully washed form the growing media and placed in a thin tank with two glass sides filled with water and with a grid pattern on one side. The lower stem and root system were immersed in the water where the natural buoyancy of the root system in water allowed the root to spread out, which improved visibility. Photographs were taken of the illuminated seedling root system and grid pattern with a camera positioned on the shaded side of the tank. Detailed diagrams of the tank and placement of the camera, lights, and shades are presented. This technique produced high-quality photographs of grass seedling root systems that show seedling root morphology clearly.