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Court Review, Volume 45, Issue 3, page 58


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The lead article for this issue is Professor Charles Weisselberg’s annual review of the criminal-law opinions issued by the United States Supreme Court during its past Term. Since Professor Weisselberg took over this survey after the death of our long-time contributor, Professor Charles Whitebread, the survey has changed somewhat in its format. We have greatly appreciated Professor Weisselberg’s addition of an overview not only of the Court’s opinions from the prior Term but also his note of key issues pending during its current Term as well. In addition, in key areas, he has provided us with a review of the initial struggle faced by lower courts in applying a new decision. This year, he has done that for us with respect to the Court’s new ruling on the exclusionary rule, Herring v. United States. That review of new cases during the first 10 months after the Herring decision was issued helps all of us to better gauge the impact of the ruling—a key goal of this annual review, which helps all of us to stay abreast of changes in the law and to begin to assess the significance of the changes.