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Elliott Zide

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Court Review, Volume 50, Issue 3 (2014)


Copyright American Judges Association. Used by permission.


It has been my privilege to represent the American Judges Association at a great many meetings and conferences over the past year. Our organization is widely respected. The organization and its leadership are acknowledged as an effective “Voice of the Judiciary®,” for “Making Better Judges®,” for high-quality conferences, for excellent judicial-education programs, and for the developing AJA brand in the area of procedural fairness. At our midyear meeting in May, the new Arizona Chief Justice, Scott Bales, particularly commented on the value of Court Review, our quarterly journal, as a scholarly yet practical tool for judges at all levels to learn more about cutting-edge topics such as those in this edition.

During the many conversations I’ve had with judicial leaders, I’ve often heard the statement, “We need to collaborate.” AJA is establishing itself as an important collaborator in the constellation of organizations seeking to improve access to fair and impartial justice for all.