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Court Review, Volume 53, Issue 4 (2017)


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This issue contains several articles of interest. We start with a review of the past year’s criminal decisions from the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Canada. We are incredibly grateful to Berkeley Law Professor Chuck Weisselberg, who has been reviewing the United States Supreme Court’s criminal cases for us for the past decade. This year, our Canadian columnist, Judge Wayne Gorman, has devoted his column in the issue to recent Canadian criminal decisions. The issue also includes several other articles, with topics ranging from how to reduce racial disparities in the criminal-justice system to how to cut ties on social media when ethically required to do so.

You’ll find a very special item on the back cover of this issue—a Procedural Fairness Bench Card. The bench card project was initiated by the American Judges Association and joined in by the Center for Court Innovation, the National Center for State Courts, and the National Judicial College. For the Court Review version of the bench card, since we had to include your address on the back cover, there’s some wasted space. At the AJA website (, you’ll find a bench card with that space filled in with six suggested additional readings you can find on the web. As many of you know, promoting procedural fairness in court has been a major AJA initiative since 2007. We hope you’ll find the bench card helpful.