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Court Review, Volume 54, Issue 3 (2018)


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The ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct fairly well defines ethical conduct while on the bench. This heavily footnoted book by retired Judge Raymond McKoski explores judicial ethics issues in a myriad of less clear off-the-bench activities. Some examples: Is it permissible for a judge to be the concession stand cashier at her child’s basketball game? (pages 178-179, fns. 654-667). Does it violate the Code to meet with three Rotary Club members in chambers to discuss where to hold the Club’s meetings next year? (page 70, footnotes 127-129). What is the important difference between using a courthouse phone to ask my spouse what groceries to pick up for dinner and using the same phone to ask what groceries to pick up for dinner if my law clerk joins us? (pages 198-200, fns. 783-796).