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Court Review: Journal of the American Judges Association

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Court Review: Journal of the American Judges Association (2023) 59(4): 145-196

Editors: Professor Eve Brank, University of Nebraska; Judge David Dreyer, Indiana Superior Court; Judge David Prince, Colorado State District Court

Published by the American Judges Association

Cite as: 59 Ct. Rev. ___ (2023)


Used by permission



The Role of the Judge in Establishing a VTC, Mishkat Al Moumin, Judge Gayle Williams-Byers, and Amber Menchio

Prospective Jurors’ Attitudes Toward Voir Dire, Wendy P. Heath and Bruce D. Grannemann

Constitutional Losses and (Some) Statutory Wins for Criminal Defendants: Select Criminal Law and Procedure Cases from the Supreme Court’s 2022-23 Term, Eve Brensike Primus and Mark Rucci


Editor’s Note, David Prince

President’s Column: The American Judges Association--Making Better Judges Since 1959, and Continuing to Lead the Way! Catherine Carlson

Thoughts from Canada: Publication Bans--The Supreme Court of Canada Considers Their Impact Upon the Conflict between the Open Court Principle and the Right to a Fair Trial, Wayne K. Gorman

Crossword: Mental Oxymoron, Vic Fleming

Canon Conversations: Constructive Criticism, Cynthia Gray

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