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Court Review: Journal of the American Judges Association

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Court Review: Journal of the American Judges Association (2023) 59(3): 86-144

Editors: Professor Eve Brank, University of Nebraska; Judge David Dreyer, Indiana Superior Court; and Judge David Prince, Colorado State District Court

Published by the American Judges Association

Cite as: 59 Ct. Rev. ___ (2023)


Used by permission



Judicial Discipline, Examining Ethics Oversight for the Highest Levels of Our Least Accountable Branch; David Prince

Civil Cases in the Supreme Court’s October Term 2022; Thomas M. Fisher


Editor’s Note; David Dreyer

President’s Column: A Legacy of Leadership and Service; Yvette Mansfield Alexander

Thoughts from Canada: Uttering Threats in Canada and the United States, a Comparative Analysis; Wayne K. Gorman

Crossword: Name That Games; Tracy Bennett and Vic Fleming

The Resource Page: Junk Science and the Judicial System; The Elevator Effect; Mindfulness and Judging: Resources for Judges; New Online Database: Judges and the Judiciary: Exploring America's Court System; Let's Keep Talking: We Want Your Feedback