Antarctic Drilling Program


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Citation: Niessen, F., R.H. Morin, T. Williams, S. Henrys, T. Crosby, D. Hansaraj, D. Magens, A.C. Gebhardt and the ANDRILL-MIS Science Team (2007), Comprehensive Downhole and Core Physical-Property Measurements at the AND-1B Drillsite, ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf Project, in Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World – Online Proceedings of the 10th ISAES X, edited by A. K. Cooper and C. R. Raymond et al., USGS Open- File Report 2007-1047, Extended Abstract 083, 4 p.


As part of the ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf (MIS) Project two comprehensive sets of geophysical data were collected on ice at the AND-1B drillsite. Whole-core physical properties were determined with high vertical resolution to a depth of 1285 mbsf. A multi-sensor-core-logger was used to determine bulk density, sonic velocity, magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity. After drilling, a set of downhole measurements was collected, which consisted of caliper, temperature, fluid conductivity, induction resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, natural gamma activity, acoustic televiewer, borehole deviation, and dipmeter. In addition, three vertical seismic profiles (VSP) were obtained. Physical properties were used for initial core characterization and on-site correlation with seismic modeling. Lithology and stratigraphic units are in good agreement with changes in the pattern of the physical properties. The resulting data are amenable to studies of cyclicity and climate, cementation and compaction history, heat flux and fluid flow, and structure and stress.