Antarctic Drilling Program


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Published in Terra Antartica, 2008-2009, 15(1), 69-76. © Terra Antartica Publication 2008-2009


Fractures in AND-2A drillcore were documented in this study. Over 4100 fractures of all types were logged. A population of 510 steeply-dipping, petal, petal-centreline and core-edge induced fractures is present, reaching a maximum density of c. 10 fractures/metre. Subhorizontal induced extension fractures are also abundant. There are 1008 natural fractures in the core, including faults, brecciated zones, veins and sedimentary intrusions. Kinematic indicators document dominant normal faulting, although reverse faults are also present. The natural fractures occur in strata ranging in age from the Miocene to the Plio-Pleistocene.