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Applied Food Research 3 (2023) 100260.


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High meat pH leads to an undercooked or an abnormal pink appearance in fully-cooked product. High-pressure processing (HPP) promotes protein denaturation. The objective was to evaluate the effects of HPP on cooked steak color and sensory attributes of dark-cutting beef. USDA Choice (mean pH = 5.5) and dark-cutting (mean pH = 6.3) strip loin sections were vacuum packaged and treated with 0 (no HPP), 300, 450, and 600 MPa of pressure for 90 s using chilled water. Steaks were randomly assigned to measure external cooked color, Warner- Bratzler shear force, and trained sensory panel. Applying 300 MPa of pressure improved ( P < 0.05) redness of raw dark-cutting steaks compared with control. HPP treatments did not influence ( P > 0.05) a and chroma of the external cooked steak color. HPP treatments also did not affect ( P > 0.05) initial juiciness, sustained juiciness, beef flavor intensity, or overall acceptability. However, 600 MPa made dark-cutting steaks tougher and lighter ( P < 0.05) in appearance than all other treatments. In conclusion, low (300 MPa) and moderate (450 MPa) pressure levels improved raw steak redness without affecting the eating qualities of dark-cutting cooked steaks. HPP did not minimize the undercooked appearance commonly associated with high-pH beef.