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J Endocrine Soc, Volume 7, Issue Supplement.


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Bovine oogenesis and follicular maturation are initiated during in utero development, a process that is stringently orchestrated by the endocrine milieu. Of paramount importance are the three major biologically active estrogens: estron, estradiol, and estriol that are involved in the development and maintenance of germ cells. Previous work using the current model have revealed that maternal urea (protein precursor) supplementation reduces the ovarian follicular reserve without compromising the number of secondary and tertiary follicles. Therefore, we did not anticipate an influence of dietary treatment on biologically active estrogens. However, as the ovarian reserve is positively associated with circulating concentrations of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) we hypothesized that offspring from dams supplemented urea would have reduced circulating concentrations of AMH at birth.