Animal Science Department


Date of this Version

June 1980


Published in JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, VoL 50, No. 6, 1980. Copyright American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


The relationship of teat number to seven measures of female reproduction was evaluated in the University of Nebraska Gene Pool population. Teat number was recorded for 7,513 pigs, ovulation rate for 2,794. gilts and litter size and weight at birth and weaning (42 days) for 789 gilts. Paternal half-sib and full-sib analyses were used to estimate heritabilities for each trait and to estimate the genetic and phenotypic correlations of teat number with the measures of reproduction. The direct response to selection for ovulation rate and the correlated response in teat number were also evaluated from the regressions of line differences (Select-Control) on generation number (10 generations of selection) and cumulative selection differential for ovulation rate. The paternal half-sib heritability for teat number was .32, and the paternal half-sib heritabilities for ovulation rate and the litter traits were similar to previous estimates from this population. Most of the genetic and phenotypic correlations with teat number were negative and all were nonsignificant. The realized heritability for ovulation rate was .46 ± .10. The regression of response in teat number on generation number was .08 ± .03 (P<.10). An estimate of .44 was obtained for the realized genetic correlation of teat number with ovulation rate.