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September 1976


Published in Journal of Dairy Science. Copyright © 1976 American Dairy Science Association. Used by permission.


Papers about dairy cattle breeding published in the Journal of Dairy Science from 1960 through 1975 were categorized according to whether the data came from institutional herds or from field collection and also according to whether the research was done with support of a regional project. Most project papers involved institutional data. The vast majority of non-project papers made use of field data. Nearly all papers classified as theoretical were also associated with field data or field recommendations. The major impact of breeding research projects with field data has been from improved genetic evaluation for production and from development of optimum selection programs. Institutional projects have had more indirect impact by testing such breeding plans as crossbreeding and inbreeding which if implemented without testing would have reduced dairy income. Additional federal and state funds should be appropriated for collection and analyses of field data with increased emphasis on development of statistical and breeding theory as well as on more efficient computing strategies. Experimental herds should continue to be supported for the collection of management and health data and to illustrate the economic validity of recommended selection and evaluation procedures.