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Published in JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE 54 (1983), pp. 56:286-295 & 1255 Copyright © 1983 American Society of Animal Science. Used by permission.


Three trials were conducted to determine the effect of "dried fat" (fats absorbed on carriers) in diets for growing-finishing swine. In trial I pigs receiving diets containing 5% added fat gained faster (.74 vs .71 kg/d), consumed less feed (1.87 vs 2.43 kg/d) and had a better feed efficiency (2.52 vs 2.88) than pigs fed diets without added fat (all P<.01). Pigs given the "dried fat" treatments gained faster (P<.01) and more efficiency (P<.01) than pigs fed the nonfat carrier counterpart. "Dried fats" containing whey plus fat and wheat bran plus fat produced similar performance to that observed with pigs fed a conventional tallow diet.