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American Indian Culture and Research Journal (1997) 21(2): 313-317.


Copyright 1997, UCLA American Indian Studies Center. Used by permission.



This volume provides the reader with very useful summaries and overviews of the archaeological record for the prehistoric Pueblo III period. It also introduces the reader to a broad range of research topics-models of demographic change, population aggregation, local and regional “abandonment,” architectural variation, settlement layout(s), living space, aspects of community integration, ceramic assemblages, land-use practices, carrying capacity, conflict, exchange, and macro regional interaction-that have been addressed recently in this area. In addition, this volume contains data about settlement numbers, sizes, and distributions for seventy-the districts within twelve regions. Districts were delineated on the basis of archeological patterns, established cultural chronologies, and/or environmental factors. Data regarding 800 large sites (> 50 rooms) including site name, ID number, total rooms, total kivas, Pueblo III occupation span, and architectural layout is presented in an appendix and is also available on computer diskettes for archaeologists upon request from Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.