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Luebke, J.; Pozo-Lora, F.F.; Al-Rubaye, S.; Maguire, M. Out-of-Plane Flexural Behavior of InsulatedWall Panels Constructed with Large Insulation Thicknesses. Materials 2023, 16, 4160. https:// doi.org/10.3390/ma16114160


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Insulated concrete sandwich wall panels (ICSWPs) are gaining popularity as energy regulations become stricter worldwide. ICSWPs are now being constructed with thinner wythes and thicker insulation to keep up with the changing market, which is reducing material costs and increasing thermal and structural efficiency. However, there is a need for adequate experimental testing to validate the current design methods for these new panels. This research aims to provide that validation by comparing the predictions of four different methods with experimental data obtained from six large-scale panels. The study found that while current design methods adequately predict the behavior of thin wythe and thick insulation ICSWPs within the elastic region, they do not accurately predict their ultimate capacity.