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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1958. Department of Agriculture Economics.


Copyright 1958, the author. Used by permission.


Although Nebraska has much diversification in its agriculture and certified seed producers of the state are producing a great number of varieties, there has been only limited research directed towards the processing, packaging, and marketing of seed.The emphasis of the experimental stations apparently has been directed mainly towards the development of new and better varieties of the different crops; little concern, however, has been shown towards the marketing of these commodities.This thesis then will be an attempt to describe and analyze the processing, packaging, and marketing of a certified seed as it now exists in Nebraska.

The objectives of this study are:

(1) To describe the current practices of processing and packaging of certified seed in Nebraska and in turn recommend improved methods.

(2) To describe the present marketing system for certified grain sorghum seed including the channels of distribution and the importance of the various types of dealers.

(3) To identify and analyze some of the factors which affect the price of certified seed, including production, buying and selling methods, and inter-regional competition.

This study should answer such questions as costs of processing, packaging, type and size of package, and the processing needed to put out a quality seed.In addition to this, it should attempt to determine; (1) the volume of certified seed handled by seedsmen, (2) the proportion of certified seed to total seed handled, (3) the trade channels used for marketing by the growers, (4) the buying and selling methods used by growers, and (5) the method of determining price differentials at the different market levels, such as from grower to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, and retailer to consumer.

Advisor:C. J. Miller