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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1968. Department of Agricultural Economics.


Copyright 1968, the author. Used by permission.


This paper shows one dimension of the Nebraska Roadside Beautification and Recreational Development Along Nebraska Interstate 80 study, which was performed by the University of Nebraska, Department of Agricultural Economics in conjunction with the Nebraska Department of Public Roads. This study was an indirect outgrowth of the 1965 Highway Beautification Act.

The sample space for this study was made up of Interstate 80 travelers in Nebraska. The majority of the interviews were obtained at rest areas along Interstate 80 in Nebraska.There were 192 respondents to a two part questionnaire.The first part was filled out by the interviewer during the process of asking the respondent the questions.The second part of the questionnaire was completed by the interviewee and required only selection of various alternatives by check marks.

The basic objectives of this study were to determine the desires of travelers with respect to scenic preservation and enhancement and recreational and cultural facilities associated with, or readily accessible from, Interstate 80 in Nebraska. The functional objectives were -- determine if travelers would be more inclined to use recreational and cultural facilities if the purpose of their trip was pleasure as oppose to travelers on business -- determine if visual pleasures or displeasures incurred by the traveler were influenced by his exposures during formative years -- determine attitudes of travelers in regard to what type of scenes, views, and objects constitute beauty or visual pleasures -- determine the implications of the number and purpose of stops made by the traveler.

Advisor:Maurice E. Baker