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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1972. Department of Agricultural Economics.


Copyright 1972, the author. Used by permission.


New technology in hay handling and harvesting methods for stacking loose hay has been introduced. This new technology is in the form of two machines: (1) a large self-propelled mower-windrower combination and (2) a power-take-off operated stacking machine. One man can now mow and windrow the hay in one operation. The stack can then be made by one man, as the stacker is pulled through the field picking up hay from the windrow and elevating or blowing it into a stack-making container. The finished stacked can then either be dropped in the field or hauled to another location for unloading. This new technology will change the way farmers handle and harvest hay.

Therefore, this thesis has the following primary objectives:

1. To evaluate the experiences of those who have adopted the completely mechanized haying systems.

2. To determine the acres and yields necessary to justify investment in the completely mechanized system.

3. To compare the costs of the mechanized system with the costs of alternative systems.

4. To develop a decision of criterion for the selection of the least expensive haying system.

Advisor: Thomas L. Frey