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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1963. Department of Agricultural Economics.


Copyright 1963, the author. Used by permission.


The purpose of this study is to determine the extent that the overall intent of the Great Plains Conservation program is being achieved in the Central-Loess Hills Area of Nebraska.

The following objectives were developed:

  1. To identify specific conservation practices that are the most effective in achieving the purpose of the Great Plains Conservation Program.

  2. To obtain empirical evidence as to the effectiveness of the program in stabilizing the agriculture of the Central-Loess Hills.

  3. To determine the extent additional conservation practices might be necessary.

  4. To determine the changes in the farm and ranch organization that have taken place as a result of the program.

The long-range objective of the Great Plains Conservation Program is to bring about greater stability to the agriculture of the Great Plains area. From the limited study that was made in the Central-Loess Hills area of Nebraska it would appear that this objective is well on the way to being met. This is evidenced by information that was obtained from interviews with Great Plains contract signers.

Advisor: Robert M. Finley