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Thesis (M.S.W.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1948. School of Social Work.


Copyright 1948, the author. Used by permission.


A study has been made of the background and program of the Lutheran Children’s Home Society of Omaha, Nebraska. The program of Immanuel Children’s Home has also been studied since this agency and the Society are operating on a cooperative basis in their case-work program. This study of the agencies in these areas was made in order to present a more comprehensive picture of the total program.

The study of the Society is divided into two major parts. The first part presents a picture of the historical development of the agency while the second part deals with the child care program of the agency and also Immanuel Children’s Home in Omaha. These two Lutheran Agencies are in the process of coordinating their child welfare programs. To secure some understanding of Lutheran Child Welfare work in the past a brief historical perspective is presented showing something about the development of child welfare within the Synodical Conference in America. Some orientation is given in regard to the various Lutheran church groups in Nebraska. The historical development of the Lutheran Children’s Home Society lends itself to a summary of the various aspects found in the growth and development of the Society. Certain aspects of the Society developed simultaneously. Each of these aspects has been treated separately in chronological order. Particular emphasis has been placed on the structure, function and program of the Society as it developed from 1892 to 1948.

The second part of this study, dealing with the child care program of the two agencies mentioned previously, was part of the total study of services to children in Douglas County, Nebraska. This study of services to Douglas County children was made to get a more clear understanding of services rendered to children by the nineteen agencies in the county whose function is related in part or totally to child welfare. The Community Welfare Council of Omaha appointed a committee to make a study of the services given to dependent, neglected and delinquent Douglas County children in relation to the need for and costs for these services. The Council Committee limited the study to: (1) Services that are available for children; (2) Services that are needed; (3) Steps to improve services.

Advisors: Frank Z. Glick and Arthur W. Daning