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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1947. Department of Home Economics.


Copyright 1947, the author. Used by permission.


During the past seventeen years four efforts, nation-wide in scope, have been made to ascertain the character of housing and housing problems in the United States. In 1930, President Hoover facilitated the first extensive as well as intensive consideration of housing problems through the President’s Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership. The findings and recommendations of his conference committees are available in eleven volumes. After the onset of the depression and its serious effects upon farmers and farm properties, the need for more complete information about the character of farm dwellings became apparent. This need was fulfilled to some degree by The Farm Housing Survey in 1934.

The first extensive data about characteristics of and expenditure for housing by families was made available through the Consumer Purchases Study of incomes and expenditures for 1935-36.

Finally, the need for an even more thorough assessment of the housing conditions under which the nation’s families were living led to the inclusion in the 1940 decennial Census of a set of questions about dwellings. The 1940 Census of Housing provides a larger mass of statistical materials than has ever been compounded previously.

The purpose of this study is to interpret some of the data about farm housing in Nebraska as represented in the 1940 Census of Housing. More specifically, the purpose of the study is three-fold:

1. To develop a brief descriptive picture of the status of farm dwellings in Nebraska as a whole;

2. To represent graphically, by means of maps, some of the relative conditions of farm dwellings in the various counties of the State;

3. To determine the association of the condition of farm dwellings in the counties of the State with some selected economic factors.

All statistical data used in the development of this study were taken from the following:

16th Census of the United States, 1940, Housing, Second Series, General Characteristics, Nebraska; 16th Census of the United States, 1940, Agriculture, Statistics for Counties, Volume 1; United States Census of Agriculture, 1945, Nebraska, Statistics for Counties, Volume 1, Part 12; The Farm Housing Survey, 1939, Miscellaneous Publication No. 323.

Advisor: Margaret L. Liston