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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1956. Department of Home Economics.


Copyright 1956, the author. Used by permission.


A study of thirty families with teen-age children was proposed by the writer. Although the sample was not large enough to be representative of all families with teen-age children in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, it was thought to be adequate to determine if the techniques used were satisfactory, and the findings would warrant a larger study. Thus, the present study might be considered a pilot study for further research.

The objectives are:

  1. To summarize what is known about the space and equipment for family recreational or leisure time activities.

  2. To determine what recreational or leisure activities are carried on by families with teen-age children.

  3. To evaluate the present space and equipment available for carrying on these activities.

  4. To plan and develop an arrangement of equipment, storage space, and free floor area for leisure activities that will provide the most satisfactory solution for families with teen-age children.

The writer recommends:

  1. Creating three distinct activity areas.

  2. Using these interchangeably depending upon the demands of various family members.

  3. Scheduling certain activities involving a part of the family but excluding others on basis of time where separation in space is not feasible because of equipment involved.

  4. Developing space within the three activity areas to allow for more than one use through:

  1. the arrangement of furniture into groups according to use.

  2. the construction of storage units according to need.

Advisor: Florence E. McKinney