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Thesis (M.S.) —University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1953. Department of Vocational Education.


Copyright 1953, the author. Used by permission.


This study attempted to determine the effectiveness of training in technical agriculture in preparing students to teach vocational agriculture.

After reviewing other studies of this type made in the field of vocational agriculture, the author is of the opinion that this was the first study of this type whereby more than one state was compared or studied. All of the data were compiled from a questionnaire submitted to the selected graduates.

Thirty-one states, with 106 graduates, were used in this study. The vocational agriculture teachers in each state selected were graduates from agricultural colleges with a degree in vocational education, during the year 1948-49. This study was conducted during the first six months of the year 1951.

This study included the enterprises or areas in animal husbandry, field crops, garden crops, fruit crops, soils, farm mechanics, farmstead improvement, and farm management. A total of 336 items were checked in the questionnaire. There were 56 items under each of the various abilities, namely, manipulative skills, ability to discover farm problems, ability to solve farm problems, ability to locate information, ability to interpret experimental data, and interest and attitude toward the subject.

The 106 selected graduates replying to the questionnaire were grouped into three farming areas: those in the grain producing states, those in the cotton producing states, and those in the fruit and the vegetable producing states.

The findings in this study indicate that the present program in agricultural education seems to lack effectiveness in preparing the teacher of vocational agriculture in the various abilities which appear to be important in conducting a satisfactory program.

Advisor: C. E. Rhoad and Howard W. Deems