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Thesis (1956)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1956. Department of Dairy Husbandry.


Copyright 1956, the author. Used by permission.


The influence of heredity in determining the rate of milking is the object of this study. The widespread use of artificial insemination makes it even more important to determine the hereditary influence of the sire on rate of milking. Since rate of milking seems to be a rather constant characteristic of the individual cow, if it can be shown to be an inherited characteristic, it would be an easy task to add rate of milking to the other criteria used in selection of dairy animals.

The time required to produce five pounds of milk at the maximum rate of flow was determined for 99 cows in the Experiment Station herds at Lincoln, Scottsbluff, and North Platte. Eighty-three of these cows were members of sire groups comprising two or more daughters.

Advisor: M. M. Plum